St. John Beaches

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St. John Beaches

The most beautiful, top rated, and awe-inspiring, tropical beaches of the world are to be experienced and enjoyed in St. John, USVI. VillAllure is just a short distance from a few of these magnificent white, soft sandy beaches.


Hawksnest Bay Beach

Hawksnest Bay Beach is located on the North Shore of St. John, USVI, near VillAllure, and is part of the tropical and most scenic Hawksnest Bay National Park. It is a favorite amongst locals and visitors alike!

This is a dramatic shoreline of white, soft sand and brilliant blue waters, lined with emerald, green sea grapes and palms. This entire area is known for its striking landscapes and unsurpassed beauty, making it a photographer’s dream. After soaking in the sun, it offers many places to set up a chair and relax in the shade, or to take in a spectacular sunset.

Hawksnest Bay beach has ample free parking that is within a short distance to the beach. You will find tables under pavilions to gather at while you picnic and enjoy the view. It provides clean restrooms that are fully stocked, as well as showers.

Besides basking in the sun, it also provides an assortment of fun things to do and explore. Other activities to be enjoyed include swimming, surfing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and snorkeling. Snorkeling is a favorite activity to experience at Hawksnest beach - some say that it the best snorkeling spot to be visited on St. John. The Elkhorn coral here is both unique and amazing - purple, yellow, and in sizes and shapes rarely seen. The coral is also very fragile, so it is advised to avoid snorkeling directly over the reef. Along with the coral, one will view lots of fascinating fish, sea rays and the occasional sea turtle.

Among the many breath-taking beaches to be found on the north shore of St. John, Hawksnest beach is one of the best. While enjoying your visit at VillAllure, be sure to stop by the beach and experience the awe-inspiring beauty firsthand!