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Over 50 Free Music Gigs Per Week on St. John

St John might be a small island, but it is mighty when it comes to the daily entertainment choices. The island is packed full of unique shopping experiences such as art galleries, and even more interesting the island is home to an impressive selection of live music at various restaurants. For live music lovers villAllure located on St. John is truly an island paradise. Even better, access to all the excitement on St. John is generally free of charge. To better help music lovers understand the full scope of the live music options St. John offers on a daily basis, we have collected a small sampling of the music available on the island during the 2016/2017 season. This live music selection is always changing, keeping the music scene on St. John fresh. Sundays (time/location/band/style)10am - 2pm - Miss Lucy’s Brunch, Sambacombo - Sax Buitar

10am - 1pm - Concordia Brunch, Bo - Guitar

4:30pm - 7:30pm - Aqua Bistro, Lauren - Guitar & Vocal

5pm - 8pm - Cruz Bay Landing, Broheem - Sax

6pm - 9pm - Sun Dog Cafe - Mark & Jay - Open Mic

6pm - 9pm Lemongrass (Westin), Lemuel Callwood - Steel Drum

7pm - 10pm - Shipwreck Landing, Hot Club of Coral Bay - String Swing Vocals

Mondays (time/location/band/style)

4:30pm - 6:30pm - Concordia, Lauren & Johnny B - Open Mic

6pm - 8pm - Aua Bistro, Matt - Guitar Vocal

6pm - 9pm - Lemongrass (Westin), Miss Ingrid & Bo - Guitar Vocal

6pm - 9pm - Ocean Grill, Rascio - Steel Drum

6pm - 9pm - Cruz Bay Landing, Chris Carsel - Guitar Vocal

6:30pm - 9pm - Barefoot Cowboy, Bridget - Keyboard Vocal

6:30pm - 9pm - Banana Deck, Lemuel Callwood - Steel Drum

Tuesdays (time/location/band/style)

5:30pm - 8:30pm - Viva Cantina, Mark Wallace - Guitar Vocal

6pm - 9pm - Miss Lucy’s, Rascio - Steel Drum

6pm - 9pm - Ocean Grill, Broheem - Sax

6pm - 9pm - Cruz Bay Landing, T-Bird - Guitar Vocals

6pm - 9pm - Skipper’s Pub, Chris Carsel - Guitar Vocal

6pm - 9pm - Fish Trap, Sambacombo - Sax Guitar This is only a small sampling of the ever changing selection of live music that you can discover daily on St. John when you stay at villAllure. Everyday on St John is packed full of great live music to compliment the natural beauty of this US National Park island in the Caribbean.